The documentary “Lutteuses 47” was filmed in February 2013, during the starting days of the new project by Stop TB Italia in Senegal. The project, that will last three years, provides among other things the training of a group of women on tuberculosis. The aim is to raise awareness towards the disease and to overcome the stigma, with the ultimate goal of controlling the spread of the disease in Dioffior health district, in the Sine Saloum region.

The health project will involve communities and villages, together with the medical district. Forty-seven women called Badjenu Gox – which literally means “aunt” in Wolof – basically social workers elected by their communities, have been chosen to follow a training activity already started some years ago. This time the object of the training was the tuberculosis, that in Senegal is still a public health emergency and that not so often is diagnosed and treated appropriately.

The Badjenu Gox have learned to recognize the disease, to help sick people, to convince them to take the diagnostic test and finally to follow the patients during the long recovering period.

“Lutteuses 47” is a documentary about Senegalese women, their place in society and their determination and commitment as women, mothers and Badjenu Gox.


Lutteuses 47

Senegal / Italy, 32 ‘, 2013

Produced by Stop TB Italy and Tibitubu
Directed by Elena Dalmasso
Edited by Cristina Spizzamiglio
Sound design by Massimiliano Cestari
Color correction by Andrea Paganini


Tibitubu is a video production studio.

Tibitubu | Via Salutati 7 | 20144 | Milano | Italy

Tel +39 320 1959723



April 2013
Vocidimilano, a website about Milano made by the editors of the italian newspaper “La Stampa”, has published an article about Lutteuses47! Take a look here
A previous article was published on Assaman, an Italo-African magazine. You can read it here.

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